He Kākano

August 2018

By Dr Stephen Bradley, Clinical Lead, Medical Education

He Kākano

He Kākano means “the seed”.

Lakes DHB Pou Herenga Eru George gifted this name to Lakes DHB to provide a focus for our education and learning. It carries the idea of knowledge, skills and attitudes being passed on between clinicians.

Ideas are planted - they start small, they germinate, they grow, and then they are passed on to others. Skills are at first difficult; they need careful tuition; experienced clinicians need to supervise less experienced clinicians; then the skills can be used without supervision and in turn taught to others.

Lakes DHB is a complex organisation, which has at its heart the aim of providing excellent care for our patients. It’s critical that clinicians at Lakes are supported by a learning and education culture, in which learning is a valued, ongoing, day-by-day part of their working lives.

Lakes DHB is a clinical environment, where great care is provided for our patients/clients, but it is also a “learning organisation”. Up until now, education and learning has been an important, but perhaps at times unrecognised, component of our work at Lakes DHB. We hope that He Kākano will allow Lakes employees to see education and learning as a highly-valued part of what they do.

The Education and Learning Strategy Group at Lakes wants our staff and visitors to recognise that learning is critical for us to provide great care.

He Kākano allows this to be a focused idea in people’s thinking.

When learning is taking place in an organised way, we want people to realise that’s happening, whether in the weekly Grand Round in the CSB Conference Room, or when the learner is in the Rotorua Hospital Library, or if a meeting occurs in another room like the Medical Conference Room or if simulation is happening in the Simulation Corridor, or in the Taupo Library. 

These and other rooms around Lakes DHB have a sign next to their name. Some of our letters and other literature relating to education and learning in Lakes will have He Kākano as part of the letterhead. As time goes on, we want He Kākano to carry with it the idea that education and learning is a key priority in our organisation.

Ki te mea ka taka te kākano ki te wāhi e tika ana ka tinaku, ā, ka pihi ake he tipu hou.

If a seed falls in the right place it will germinate and a new seedling will sprout.
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