Covid-19 Vaccination Programme @ Lakes DHB

Covid-19 Vaccination Programme in the Lakes DHB area

Vaccination rates in Lakes DHB, as of 11.59pm November 30, are 88.1% one dose, 78.6% two doses. 

Go to to find out where you can get yours.

Where you can get your vaccination

There are a wide range of places offering Covid-19 vaccinations. You will never be asked to pay for your vaccination. They are available to anyone living in New Zealand aged 12 and over, regardless of citizenship of visa status.


Rotorua Covid-19 Immunisation Hub

Rotorua Central Mall, next to Noel Leeming


Taupō Covid-19 Immunisation Hub

Unit 6/29 Totara St (opposite Hospice Shop) 


Click here to get up to date information on all vaccination centres in the Lakes DHB region. Click here for Rotorua , here for Taupō and here for Tūrangi.

You can find where you can get vaccinated today here.


Key points:

• Before entering the immunisation hubs, our staff are screening consumers for risk of exposure to COVID-19 and COVID-19 symptoms. This screening is critical to help break the chain of transmission of COVID-19 and maintain staff and consumer safety.
• Everyone coming into our hubs should at all times wear a face covering (their own or a medical mask provided).
• 2 metre physical distancing is required throughout the hub.
• We are restricting numbers of people coming into the building.
• Perspex/physical barriers between staff and consumers are in place. 



What happens at your vaccination appointment? 


A healthcare worker will do a health check with you prior to immunisation and give you some standard information. You will have time to ask any questions. You will only be vaccinated if you agree. 

Then the healthcare worker will inject the vaccine into your upper arm.

You’ll need to stay for 15 minutes after to check that you’re ok and they may ask you about side effects. Once the healthcare worker says you’re fine, you can leave and carry on with your day.

You will be given an appointment time and asked to get your second dose of the vaccine three to six weeks later.

COVID-19 vaccination advice for pregnant women

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommends that pregnant women are offered the Pfizer vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.

This is because the risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 is significantly higher for pregnant women and their unborn baby.

Global surveillance data from large numbers of pregnant women have not identified any significant safety concerns with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines given at any stage of pregnancy.

Pregnant women are encouraged to discuss the decision in relation to timing of vaccination with their health professional.  For more information please click here

COVID-19 vaccination advice for people with disabilities

See the links below for easy to read information: