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Hera Walker, Staff Physiotherapist, with a patient

 Service Description

At Rotorua Hospital the physiotherapy service is professionally headed by Team Leader Kirsty Walker, with a compliment of senior and staff physiotherapists and assistants within outpatients, inpatients, rehabilitation and in the community.

Service-based physiotherapists working across Lakes District Health Board are also professionally responsible to the Professional Advisor. (See Elderly Services and Taupo pages for details of service delivery).

Location and Contact Details

Main department located on the ground floor of the Ambulatory Centre, Rotorua Hospital.

Telephone: (349) 7920
Fax: 343 7702
e-mail: Physio

Hours of Work

8.00 - 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday. For on call emergency physiotherapy cover after hours, contact the Telephonists ph 3481199 or internally dial  '0'.

Team Profile

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Name Designation and Role(s) Extension

Team Leader

Kirsty Walker  Team Leader and Professional Advisor  





Barbara Wilkins

Administrative Support, Allied Health



Leonie Annett and Sarah Dewes

Community Physiotherapists



Deborah Surtees      

Senior Inpatient Physiotherapist



Carol Turner

Senior Outpatient Physiotherapist 


Therapy Assistant    

Danielle Watson-Smith

Physiotherapy Assistant


Other Staff Physiotherapists  


Service Provision


The team work across all inpatient services. Inpatient referrals - leave referral form on clip on noticeboard in the Inpatient Unit by 8.00 am. If after 8.00 am, page the Physiotherapist directly, or leave a message with the Physiotherapy Department  on 7920.


Specialist services are provided for a  wide variety  of conditions in a modern, well-equipped department. Therea are excellent Gym facilities and therefore can manage complicated multiple trauma cases.

The Physiotherapy department at Lakes District Health Board is accredited by ACC under the Endorsed Provider Network (EPN).

Orthopedic: We are skilled at treating spinal and or peripheral joint problems including sports injuries, headaches, spinal disorders ,soft tissue lesions, sprains, trains, hand therapy, post fracture, amputations, joint replacement  etc. We devise individual programs which may include exercises, mobilisations  electrical treatments, ultra violet treatment, massage, education and advice.

Respiratory: Education and treatment  for asthma COPD bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis etc. COPD Classes  are held Mondays and Thursdays 1.30 pm -3.30 pm. Referrals via the Physiotherapy Department.

Cardiac: Individual and class sessions held. Classes are every Tuesday 1.30pm-3.30 pm as part of the cardiac rehabilitation  programme for outpatients. Referral via the Cardiac Nurse Specialist.

Continence Specialist Physiotherapy: For all forms of incontinence.

Community Physiotherapy

Lakes District Health Board provides community physiotherapy for patients who require physiotherapy but are unable to attend as an outpatient. The aim is to facilitate people to attain optimum functional level and independence.

Referrals are accepted from general practitioners , practice nurses and other Allied health practitioners.

Referral to Services

Referrals are accepted from general practitioners and health professionals in the primary sector, or Lakes DHB consultants.

Staff may be referred by the Health and Safety Team. No referral is required for ACC claims.

To refer, fax 343 7702, or post referrals to the Physiotherapy Department or email

On weekends document  referral in notes, and contact On-Call Physiotherapist via Telephonists ph 3481199 or internally dial '0'