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Meet the Tipu Ora Smokefree Team

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Smokefree at Lakes DHB

Smoking and tobacco use has been clearly identified as a major cause of preventable disease and death. 
The Lakes DHB Smokefree Policy has been revised recently, and there to protect and support employees, contractors, patients/clients, family/whanau and visitors from exposure to tobacco smoke and to provide cessation support for all who wish to quit smoking.


Meet the Smokefree Team      

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Meet the Tipu Ora Smokefree Team

From left to right: Amanda Te Whau (Service Development Coordinator), Daile Peni-LeValliant (Stop Smoking Practitioner), Ben Hingston (Contracts Manager), Santana Ngamoki (Stop Smoking Practitioner, Takarei Peck (Stop Smoking Practitioner).

The Tipu Ora Stop Smoking Service (TOSS) is a FREE programme providing you, friends and your whanau/family with support, advice and strategies to quit smoking. Visit Tipu Ora website and/or Facebook page for more information.



Information for Patients and Clients

The best thing you can do for your health is give up smoking.  If you are a smoker we would like to support you as much as possible while you are in hospital, to help you manage cravings to smoke and support you to give up.  Ask any of our nurses, midwives or doctors for support to quit including if you would like to use Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to help deal with nicotine withdrawal.

Patients who smoke may get significant benefits from stopping smoking, even after many years of smoking.  Smoking increases the risk of poor outcomes after surgical operations, whereas stopping reduces many post-operative risks.

We have a duty to provide a safe and healthy environment to all our patients, visitors and staff.  Whether you would like support to manage nicotine withdrawal or not, we ask you to respect our non-smoking policy while you are in the hospital and grounds.

If a hospital stay has got you thinking about ways to get healthy, including cutting out tobacco, we can offer support and referral to a community or hospital based service.  Of corse, you dont need to wait for us to refer you - contact a community-based free service to help you stop smoking at any time (see below). 


Information for Visitors and Family 

Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed on Lakes DHB sites.  This includes all visitors, patients, staff, contractors and parents of children admitted to the Children's Unit, Maternity or SCBU.  These parents will be offered NRT and support to stop smoking.  You can view the Smokefree policy by clicking here.

Information for Pregnant Women/Hapu Women

Lakes DHB provides a service to ensure 100% of pregnant smokers are provided with support to quit smoking. 

Smoking in pregnancy can cause many health problems for the mother and baby, including pre-term birth, growth restriction and stillbirth.  In addition, smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infacny (SUDI), respiratory illness, learning and behavioural problems.

Tina Lees is a Registered Nurse and Midwife providing the service.  Her focus is to ensure pregnant women and their families who wish to become Smokefree have every chance of success.

She works throughout Rotorua hospital and in the Rotorua community with pregnant women, their families and mothers of newborn babies.

Tina Lees can be contacted by phone on (07) 349-7955 extension 8426 or cell 027-511-7734 or by email


Information for Staff

If you are a staff member and want to quit smoking, Lakes DHB provides:

  • Free cessation/support/service to help you stop smoking
  • The service is confidential
  • Individual or group sessions can be arranged
  • NRT starter pack is available to get you going
  • Access to other medications that increase you success in quitting

The first point of contact for staff wanting help to quit smoking is to contact Smokefree Coordinator Yvonne Rogers on (07) 349-7955 extension 8468 or cell 027-477-8961 or by email



Smokefree Training is mandatory for all Lakes DHB registered Healthcare workers. Go to

The module has been designed as an aid to help health professionals encourage and assist New Zealanders to quit smoking.  By the end of the module you will learn some simple but effective ways to raise smoking as a natural conversation and be familiar with the ways that you can help people who smoke to quit.

Those who are eligible will also be able to become a Quit Card provider.  This will enable you to give access to subsidised NRT via the quit card scheme.

This tool is endorsed for CME points by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and everyone who completes the module recieves a printable certificate (evidence of one hour professional development).


Smokefree Links

Action on Smoking and Health - ASH
ASH New Zealand was founded in 1982 by concerned health professionals and is commited to preventing the uptake of smoking among young people and reducing the prevalence rate of smoking among all New Zealanders, particularly Maori and pregnant and young women.

Auahi Kore - Smokefree
Auahi Kore is a Smokefree Māori brand, which supports those Māori who want or have chosen to lead a healthy lifestyle by not smoking.  Auahi Kore develops partnership with the community through the support of important Māori events in sport, arts and culture.

Cancer Society of New Zealand
The Cancer Society of New Zealand is dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand.

Health Promotion Agency (HPA)
The HPA was formed on 1 July 2012 through the merger of the Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC).  The HPA leads and delivers innovative, high quality and cost effective programmes that promote health, wellbeing and healthy lifestyles.

Secondhand Smoke
Second-hand smoke comes from two places: smoke breathed out by the person who smokes, and smoke from the end of a burning cigarette.

Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa New Zealand
Every nurse who delivers smoking cessation interventions is a Smokefree Nurse and is valued as a part of this community. 

Smokefree Schools
This site features information and resources to help schools/kura make a commitment to a healthy Smokefree environment.

The Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Health has traditionally been the key agency for polivy development in the tobacco control area and is involved in a large number of policies, service development and operational aspects of tobacco control.

The Quit Group
The Quit Group is a charitable trust funded by the Ministry of Health to run quit smoking programmes in New Zealand, including the national free telephone support Quitline (Ph: 0800-778-778). Click here to view Quitlines Smoking in Pregnancy flyer.

World Health Organisation - Tobacco Free Initiative
The Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) was established in 1998 to focus internationak attention, resources and action on the global tobacco epidemic.

World Smokefree Day
"Me Mutu - Kia Kaha - Give quitting a go - You can do it