A fluoroscopy or x-ray screening machine is a specialized x-ray machine that allows the doctor to see x-ray images on a television in the room whilst the x-rays are taken.
Examinations using this fluoroscopy usually need the x-ray Doctor (Radiologist) to give you some special x-ray medicine that shows up brightly on the x-rays- this is called x-ray dye or contrast agent. This x-ray dye can be swallowed or injected to show different parts of your body.
For example we can see your stomach as you are drinking a special drink; this is called a Barium Meal. We can see a patient’s bladder when it is filled with x-ray dye, this is called a MCU ( Micturating Cystogram).
For these x-rays you will need to get changed into a gown and usually lie or stand on our special x-ray bed, you may need to move into different positions so we can get the images we need. The Doctor may need to hold your breath sometimes. Most of the examinations take about 30mins, you will be sent an appointment and a letter with information about your test.
Because this test uses radiation it is VERY IMPORTANT to tell the x-ray staff if you are pregnant.

The results from your examinations will be sent to your GP and/or your specialist.

  • For further information please refer to the patient information brochures below for these examinations. 



Colonic Transit Study                                          

IVU Nephrostogram
Sialogram Fluoroscopy Guided Injection
Ascending Urethrogram Limted Enema
Ureteric Stent Barium Swallow/Meal
Dynamic Micturating Cystogram Small Bowel Enema
X-ray Contrast Portacath Insertion
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