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We offer..
• a spiritual dimension to all people.
• ourselves as someone to be with patients, families and staff.
• a listening ear.
• compassion and understanding.
• a ministry of reconciliation of patients to God, the Church and families.
• bedside Communion.
• prayer.
• religious rituals as requested.
• referral to a patient’s own faith group

 Location of  Chapel

The chapel is located on the ground floor of the hospital beside the Children’s Unit. It is a quiet peaceful setting overlooking Mount Ngongotaha.  The chapel is open during the day, and after hours, it can be opened by contacting the switchboard. The chapel is frequently used by people coming in to pray or simply to sit in quiet reflection.
There is a book for people to write prayers in if they desire,  and the chaplain offers these prayers to God during the Sunday morning chapel service. 


As of Sunday 22 March 2020, all Sunday morning services in the chapel at Rotorua Hospital have been cancelled, DUE TO COVID-19.

Wednesday 1 April 2020 - Rotorua Hospital.

• Wendy is at Rotorua Hospital- Mon to Friday. Ph contact is extn 8793 or 027 266 2528
• She is based in her office, next to the Chapel.  Staff are welcome to come and see her.
• She is available to visit patients as requested by staff. She will only administer communion unless the person is really sick or dying.
• Wendy is available to listen and pray with patients on the phone. Patients can ring on
07 348 1199 extn 8793.  Best times to ring are between 10.00 – 1200 and 1400 -1600. If Wendy is not available when a patient rings, then the patient can leave their ph no on the answerphone and Wendy will return their call.
• Miyoko, our Catholic Chaplain is available to visit.
Father Eamon is available for very sick patients who request communion and/or anointing.
Miyoko or Father Eamon can be contacted by ringing the switchboard.
• After hours –contact switchboard as usual.

Some spiritual care resources for patients are being sent to the wards. They include some prayers and words of encouragement.

Please note: The Chapel remains open. The Chapel is a quiet and peaceful place, away from anywhere else in the hospital.
Please feel free to come and spend some time there and find rest for your soul. Everyone is welcome.


To contact a chaplain

The Ecumenical Chaplain can be contacted on extn. 8793 during normal working hours.
To contact her  outside these hours please contact the Switchboard - Rotorua 348 1199.  Click here to email Chaplain Wendy. 
Catholic Chaplain - Mrs Miyoko Hammersley, please contact the Switchboard.
Catholic Priest, please phone St. Mary’s Catholic Church Phone 348 0289
The chaplaincy service provides a 24-hour cover, seven days a week.

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