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The Lakes DHB GP Liaison is a doctor with training and experience in general practice, who works at the interface of primary and secondary care.

The aim of the role is to:
·         Improve communication between the hospital services and GPs
·         Improve understanding between the hospital services and GPs
·         Provide advice to both the hospital and GPs


To achieve these aims, the GP Liaison form part of the following committees:
·         Elective Services Steering Group
·         Midland e-Referral Users Group
·         ISSC
·         Map Of Medicine Governance Group
·         Endoscopy (GRS) Users Group
·         Bpac e-Referral Lakes Group
·         Faster Cancer Treatment – Regional & Lakes DHB


Key Contact
GP Liaison (Tues & Thurs)
Level 1, Bridgeman Wing Corridor
Lakes District Health Board
Tel. (07) 349 9009 extn 7876

GP Manual of Locums and New GPs Working Rotorua – a copy is available from Lisa Hughes’ office on loan until the doctor feels confident with local practices.

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External Sources
Information on Elective Services
Kirsten Stone
PO Box 1626, Rotorua
Ph. (07) 349 3563
Fx. (07) 348 8897
Dr John Macaskill-Smith
Norris Ward McKinnon House
711 Victoria Street, Hamilton
Ph. (07) 839 2888
Fx. (07) 834 9242
Surgery Contact List



HealthLine is a free, 24-hour-1-day telephone advice health advice service which includes the Well Child telephone advice service.






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