Emergency Management Planning


Emergency Management Planning



 Christine Mutlow    Emergency Management Coordinator                             
                                   Phone: 07 343 7749

The emergency management cycle

The Lakes DHB Emergency Planning  works with Rotorua and Taupo Hospitals and community health providers, providing planning, advice and coordination.

As a critical service, our community’s healthcare facilities and services need clearly defined, documented and practised business emergency response plans.

Lakes DHB emergency management plans are based on the risks and threats that can reasonably be anticipated to impact on health services in the Lakes District. Lakes DHB Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) uses Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) for managing emergencies as this system provides a functional framework and is used by a majority of emergency responders. 


Lakes DHB Health Emergency Plan (HEP) 2015

Lakes DHB Pandemic Infectious Disease Response Plan V 2 -Dec 2011.

LAKES DHB Marae Emergency Plan Template HAUMI - March 2012
Lakes DHB Stakeholder Emergency Plan Template


Health Emergency Plan Template

CIMS Basic Structure

NZ CIMS 2nd Edition Booklet - April 2014

CIMS Structure (Blank)
Health Emergency Flipchart
Health Volcanic Poster
Volcanic Ash Tips for Hospitals, Medical and Health Care Facilites
Disaster Prepardeness for People with Disabilities

Useful Websites



GNS - Be Prepared For Volcanic Ash Fall


Lakes DHB Emergency Management Stakeholder Newsletter

November 2016

  Emergency Management is about ensuring communities can effectively respond to disasters and other unplanned events and recover from them efficiently.

10/05/2017 2:57 p.m.
Christine Mutlow