Anaesthetic Consultants


 Dr Cambell Bennett           

Head of Department. A consultant with interests in peri-operative medicine, regional anaesthesia and sustainability within the Health Sector. Outside work mountain biking, kayaking and family life keep him busy.



 Dr David Blundell              

Grew up in Rotorua and returned in 2010 after completing ANZCA training in Auckland. Currently clinical lead for the Acute pain service and represents the anaesthetic department on the infection control committee. Outside work he can be found either raising children or inspecting the forest via foot or bike.



Dr Ulrike Buehner 

Clinical Director of ICU. She is passionate about striving for clinical excellence through Quality Improvement Projects and is clinical lead for VTE Prevention and clinical audit




Dr Duane English


 Dr Babak Hedayati            

UK trained Consultant Anaesthetist with UK & Australasian Fellowships.  Moved to Rotorua in 2007, after 8 years as Consultant Anaesthetist in the UK.  Areas of interest – Difficult airways, TIVA, regional anaesthesia under US, day case, paediatrics, ICU & education (instructor in PLS, ACLS & EMST).  Lead clinician – day case & emergency anaesthesia.



 Dr Kim Heus

Kiwi Consultant Anaesthetist, moved to Rotorua for the generalist work, energetic vibe and outdoors lifestlye. Completed anaesthetic training in Hamilton, Edinburgh UK, Palmerston North and Wellington, with a regional anasethesia fellowship in Perth, Australia. Clinical interests include perioperative medicine, critical care echocardiography, regional, paediatric and obstetric anaesthesia, advanced airway management and medical education. When not at work can be found hiking, biking, diving, skiing and swimming.


Dr Ryan Jang

Dual trained in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. Clinical interests include   Intensive Care Medicine, ultrasound scans and echocardiography in critical care and regional anaesthesia. Outside work keep busy with a young family and outdoor pursuits.




Dr Tracy Jansen

Consultant Anaesthetist trained in South Africa, working both in South Africa and New Zealand, with an interest in paediatric anaesthesia




 Dr Laura Kwan



 Dr Shane McQuoid                      

Kiwi born and trained anaesthetist interested in regional anaesthesia and advanced airway management and is currently Supervisor of Training. Came to Rotorua for the varied work, friendly people and the outdoors lifestyle of the region 





 Dr Maha Naguib

Born in Egypt, trained in the UK and currently working as a consultant anaesthetist in Rotorua Hospital. Special interest in Morbidity and Mortality (currently M & M lead clinician) and Medicolegal issues Outside work enjoys the outdoors (walking/ running/ sailing and mountain biking




Dr Stephan Neff

Born 1966, Studied in Heidelberg, Germany. Practiced in Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand.  Professional Interests : Regional Anaesthesia, Chronic Pain, Disaster Medicine, Welfare of Anaesthetists





Dr Mandy Perrin

Consultant Anaesthetist, trained in the UK. Enjoys the varied outdoor activities in Rotorua whenever possible



Dr Andrew Robinson 

Trained at Southampton University in the UK followed by postgraduate anaesthetic work mainly in the UK West Midlands with odd posts in Australia and Africa. Holds the Equipment portfolio for the anaesthetic department and sits on the DHB ‘Emergency Management’ and ‘Surgical Services Care Planning’ Committees. 





 Dr Martin Thomas

Trained in Leicester, UK and completed Specialist training in Coventry and Birmingham. He has an interest in Health Management and the development of Clinical Governance, completing a MBA at University of Waikato in 2011. He has an interest in Trauma and teaches EMST and the difficult airway. He is also Chief Medical Officer.



Dr Stephen Whiting

Born locally (Te Puke), trained in Christchurch & Wellington. Interests include chauffeuring children & fitness procrastination




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