What is the B4 School Check?
The B4 school check is a free check for four year olds. The Check helps to make sure your child is healthy and can learn well at school. It is a chance to discuss your child’s health and development with a nurse. 
The B4 school check is the final Well Child check. It is not designed to pick up every health problem your child might have, so if you have any concerns about your child at any time, talk to your family doctor.
The Checks are carried out by child health nurses. In the Lakes DHB Rotorua area, checks are delivered through Rotorua Plunket, Tipu Ora Tamariki Ora & Public Health B4 School Nurses. In the Lakes DHB Taupo, Turangi and Mangakino areas, the checks are delivered by Practice nurses at your usual health centre.

Parents and caregivers:

We want you to be involved. We need your help to fill out two questionnaires about your child’s development and behaviour

Early Childhood teachers
With parents' permission we are asking  early childhood teachers to fill in and send back the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for each child.

The purpose is to get a picture of the child's strengths and difficulites and is not use to label or diagnose children.

Information about the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire can be found at www.health.govt.nz/yourhealth-topics/children/well-child-tamariki-ora/about-b4-school-check.

Vision and Hearing Screening

Vision and hearing screening will usually be done separately from the nurse assessment. The aim is for the Vision and Hearing testers (VHT) to check the vision and hearing of every 4yr old well before they start school. 

Screening takes place  at many of the local early childhood centres, however not at all centres. Home visits andcClinics are held regularly to screen all other children who we are not able to see at Early childhood centres. For any queries please contact the Vision and hearing Screeners on ph (07) 343 7719.

How does my child get a B4 school check?
Your local B4 school Check provider will invite you and your child to attend and will ask for your consent
How does the B4 school check happen?
The B4 school check usually takes about 45-60 minutes.   Most of it will be done by a nurse with a parent or caregiver there because they know their child best. If the family or the nurse think the child has a possible problem or difficulty, the nurse will discuss this with the family and offer to refer them to other services that may help. The nurse can also help if the child has missed out on any immunisations.
What happens after the B4 school check?
After the child has had their B4 School Check the nurse will discuss the Check with the family. If the child has a well child book it is a good idea to bring it along to the B4 School Check and the nurse will fill out the details.
If your child needs anything more, the nurse will offer to refer them to another service. This could be another nurse, a doctor, a specialist such as a paediatrician or speech-language therapist, the dental service, or someone who can help with behavioural problems.
Working together
Thanks to the support of parents and Early Childhood teachers we are achieving some remarkable outcomes that are truly changing lives.

Most parents have valued the opportunity to ensure that their child is physically and emotionally ready for school. The opportunity to remedy  issues such as behavioural, vision or hearing difficulties before starting school has really made a difference in many children’s chance at being ready to start school.  In some cases, the B4 School Check enabled a parent to get help for their child’s impairment, emotional or behavioural issue which had troubled them for some time.

Contact us

For any B4 School Check-related questions, we are only a phone call away.
·                      Public Health B4 School nurses and coordinator ph (07) 343 7719
·                      Plunket ph (07) 348 4161
·                      TipuOra ph (07) 348 2400
·                     Contact your usual General practice, Doctor or Health Centre

More information about the check can be found at www.health.govt.nz/our-work/life-stages/child-health/b4-school-check