Chief Executive Office



Ron Dunham is the Chief Executive at Lakes District Health Board, Rotorua and Taupo hospitals.

The Personal Assistant to CE Ron Dunham is Theresa Fraser. Theresa  can be contacted on extn 7982.

Beryl Erenora Harris is Board Secretariat, providing full administrative services to the Board and the Advisory Committees. Beryl Harris can be contacted on extn 7822.




Official Information Act requests

Lakes DHB is subject to the Official Information Act. Click here to see the OIA statistics for 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017. Click here to read more about OIAs at Lakes DHB.


Communications Team

The Communications Officer Sue Wilkie and the Assistant Communications Officer are part of the CE Office.

Sue Wilkie can be contacted on extn 7944 or mb 027 242 3652. Assistant Communications Officer Shan Tapsell can be contacted on extn 8491.


Lakes DHB media enquiries


All media enquiries relating to our hospitals at Rotorua and Taupo and community services must be made through the communications team. This includes requests for patient condition updates, staff and patient interviews, and photography or filming.

Contact the communications team by email
or with non-urgent enquiries.


After hours and urgent enquiries

For urgent enquiries contact:
Sue Wilkie, Communications Officer
DDI: 07349 7944 or Mb: 027 242 3652

Patient condition requests can be made after hours, on weekends and on public holidays directly to the duty manager at Rotorua Hospital on 07 348 1199.


More about communication services @ Lakes DHB


Please click here for more information on the services provided by the Communications team.