2016 Lakes District Health Board Elections

Lakes District Health Board  2016 Triennial Elections 



The final result for the election of seven members of the Lakes District Health Board held on Saturday 8th October is as follows.

Lakes District Health Board (7 vacancies)

RAUKAWA-TAIT Merepeka                                                                               elected
MORREAU Johan Understands Health                                                             elected
RANKIN Christine Independent                                                                         elected
VIGOR-BROWN Rob Committed to health; Rotorua, Taupo, Turangi              elected
THURSTON Lyall                                                                                              elected
EPP Desmond                                                                                                   elected
HORTON Janine                                                                                               elected

BENTLEY Maggie Rotorua Born and Bred                                  excluded
GATHERGOOD Ailsa                                                                  excluded
WEBBER Chris Team: Everyone Counts                                    excluded
BURNS Stuart Elect for Professional Governance                      excluded
ABBOTT Caraline                                                                        excluded
WEPA Janet Independent                                                           excluded
BURDON Mary                                                                            excluded
MIHAKA-DYER Jeremy                                                              excluded
MARKS Peri W                                                                           excluded
CAUDWELL Suellyn                                                                   excluded
MCKAY Daniel                                                                            excluded
STOREY Victor Independent                                                     excluded
ROSS Marilyn                                                                            excluded
WHARE-BEACH Julie                                                               excluded
HEDGES Bill Independent                                                        excluded
REED Karen Independent                                                        excluded
HAWKER Kathy Independent                                                   excluded
EAGLE Brian                                                                            excluded
LOUIS Frances Te Ropu Awangawanga - CONCERN            excluded

Desmond Epp, Janine Horton, Johan Morreau, Christine Rankin, Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, Lyall Thurston and Rob Vigor-Brown are declared elected.

The final absolute majority of votes (final quota) as determined at the last iteration was 3,173.89. There were 1,353 informal votes and 3,203 blank votes. 



The details of electoral donations and expenses received for nominees contesting the 2016 Lakes DHB election are listed below:

C Abbott

J Beach

M Bentley

M Burdon

S Burns

S Caudwell

B Eagle

D Epp

A Gathergood

K Hawker

B Hedges

J Horton

F Louis

D McKay

P Marks

M Raukawa-Tait

J Mihaka-Dyer

J Morreau

C Rankin

K Reed

M Ross

V Storey

L Thurston

R Vigor-Brown

C Webber

J Wepa




Lakes DHB's Electoral Officer

Warwick  Lampp from electionz.com is the Electoral Officer for the Lakes District Health Board. He can be contacted at: wlampp@electionz.com

Communications Officer Sue Wilkie is the electoral contact for Lakes DHB.  Click here to email Sue, or call her on 07 349 7944.


 2016 Local Government Election Timetable


13 October (Thursday)                       Official Result Declaration

From 13 October to 23 October          Public Notice of Official Declaration of Election Results 
                                                            (as soon as practicable)

Mid December                                    Return of Election Expenses Forms (depends on date results published)  



Warwick Lampp

Electoral Officer

Lakes District Health Board

14 October 2016