Sleep Services

Sleep Services

Administration / Bookings
Rotorua phone 07 3437764
Taupo  phone 3761060 extn 7764

Sleep Psychologist

Rotorua phone 073435031, Monday to Friday
Phoning from Taupo phone 3761060 extn 8992


Dr Andrew Stanley

Dr Andrew Black


Sleep Psychologists

Camille Santos

Cathy Reader


Sleep health care assistant

Fila Pedria

The Sleep Service Provides :

  • Assessment for suspected Obstructive Sleep Apnoea ( OSA)

  • Sleep Studies

  • Long term treatment of OSA

    The sleep pamphlet provides comprehensive information




    • Referral to service

    Please provide as much information as possible. Completion of this sleep questionnaire will help with this.

    If not sent with the referral, patients will be sent the sleep questionnaire to complete to assist with prioritisation. This must be completed and posted back to the sleep service.  If this does not happen then we will discharge at this point.

    • Referrals are prioritised by the Sleep Physician.

    Once a referral is accepted, you will be waitlisted for a sleep study

    • Sleep study – The patient will receive a phone call to advise them where to pick up the sleep study equipment. They can take the equipment home to do the sleep study. When they return the equipment the following day the Sleep Physiologist will report on the study. The report will be reviewed by a Sleep Physician.

    • If a Polysomnography ( PSG) is indicated then the patient is referred to Waikato hospital

    • If positive for OSA then treatment with Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the treatment provided

    • For patients diagnosed with severe OSA attending follow up and therapeutic use of CPAP is essential for current driver's licensing. This is particularly important for commercial drivers.

    • Ongoing follow up is provided by the Sleep Service. Click here for the patient information booklet.

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