Lakes DHB seeking feedback on its Community Pharmacy Strategic Plan 2018-2025
22/05/2019 9:49:04 a.m.

Wednesday 22 May 2019



The Lakes DHB Community Pharmacy Strategic Plan 2018-2025 has been developed to outline a strategy for Lakes DHB community pharmacy services through to 2025.

The plan has been developed based on previous work undertaken in New Zealand, current international best practice and expert opinion. Community pharmacy is rapidly evolving and it has the potential to broaden its scope to include a wider range of assessment, screening, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in addition to providing a full range of medicines management services.

This strategy aims to provide a platform that supports creativity and innovation in the delivery of community pharmacy services in the short and medium term, while also providing sufficient flexibility to respond to changes as they arise. This strategy also builds on other strategic work that guides the future direction of health services including the New Zealand Health Strategy, the Pharmacy Action Plan and Integrated Pharmacist Services in the Community Agreement.

The Pharmacy Action Plan describes a future in which pharmacy services, as an essential part of an integrated model of care, are delivered in innovative ways across a broad range of settings, providing equitable access to medicines and other health services as outlined in the New Zealand Health Strategy.

The pharmacist workforce is well recognised as being younger than other health workforces and highly qualified, and the skills of this group remain under-utilised. Significant evidence demonstrates that making better use of these skills will improve health outcomes, optimise medicines management and reduce medicines-related harm.

Lakes DHB has identified implementing the Pharmacy Action Plan and Medicines New Zealand 2015 to 2020, as high priorities. A strong focus on optimising community pharmacy services will enable Lakes DHB communities to have confidence that community pharmacy services:

• are delivered in the right place at the right time for the right people;
• are accessible regardless of where people live;
• support people to care for themselves;
• provide integrated care through collaboration with other health care providers and users;
enhance primary/community care linkages; and
• increase primary/community care capacity.

The value of this strategy will be realised through it being implemented by the Lakes DHB Community Pharmacy Advisory Group which will be established in early 2019.

The Community Pharmacy Advisory Group will focus on:

• providing leadership and vision in identifying how community pharmacy services can improve health outcomes for service users ;
• contributing to the alliancing process, including the development and outcomes of System Level Measures;
• developing a Lakes DHB Integrated Community Pharmacy Services Plan and associated implementation recommendations;
• ensuring the alignment, development and sustainability of medicine management and community pharmacy services in partnership with other health providers.

The work carried out by the Community Pharmacy Advisory Group will be underpinned by the Community Pharmacy Quality Standards, with a focus on person centred care, service delivery, capacity and capability and collaboration.

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