New programme based on traditional role of kuia in whānau
10/12/2020 5:08:42 p.m.

Thursday 10 December 2020

New programme to support pregnant mums based on traditional role of kuia in whānau

Young pregnant mums and their whānau will get intensive support to improve their whānau wellbeing with a new kaupapa Māori approach to the Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO) programme.

Lakes DHB and Tipu Ora launched a new Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO) Enhanced Support Pilot (ESP) today (10 December) at Paratehoata Marae (Tunohopu); Tunohopu Street; Ohinemutu; Rotorua. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was guest of honour at the launch.

The kaupapa Māori approach to the WCTO programme will be run by Tipu Ora and is called Tipu Ora: Tiaki Whānau.

Group Manager, Manaaki Ora - Tipu Ora, Raewyn Bourne says at the heart of the Tipu Ora Kaitiaki model is tailored support for mothers and their whānau to support them to maintain wellbeing for themselves, their babies and their wider whānau in the first two years of their child’s life.

The Kaitiaki led relationship with the whānau will be enhanced by the on-going support and expertise of senior child health nurses and social workers with an intrinsic understanding of kaupapa Māori values, Raewyn Bourne says.

Beginning in the period before the birth of the child, the service will work in the home alongside hapū māmā and whānau through to new parenthood and beyond. The approach looks to enhance the fundamental value of positive, nurturing relationship-focused support for new mothers and their whānau, addressing the complete physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing of the hapū māmā and her pēpi.

“It is during these visits from Kaitiaki and the team that the wellness aspects of the model will be delivered - in between core well child checks. Kaitiaki will ensure the right service at the right time is delivered by the right messenger within a whānau-led service framework,” says Raewyn.

The name Tipu Ora: Tiaki Whānau, reflects that the service is entrusted with the care of the whānau. The service builds on a return to the original Tipu Ora Kaitiaki model of care which values a kaupapa Māori approach to hauora, namely an holistic approach to wellbeing. The model has its foundation on the traditional role of kuia within the whānau supporting the transition of intergenerational knowledge.

The relevance of the name goes back to the kaupapa of the service endorsed by the Women’s Health League in the 1930s.

The pilot will run for three years and be offered to a small number of young hapū māmā. The programme will be evaluated and insights and evaluation will inform future redesign of the WCTO programme.

Profile/bio of staff involved.

Clinical Lead – Tipu Ora: Tiaki Whānau

Ko Maunga Haruru te maunga
Ko Mohaka te awa
Ko Takitimu te waka
Ko Ngati Kahungunu te iwi
Ko Ngati Pahauwera te hapu
Ko Evalyn Berryman (nee Cooper) toku ingoa

Evalyn is the clinical lead of Tipu Ora: Tiaki Whānau. Evalyn is an experienced Registered Nurse with a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences. She has worked extensively in Maori health for the past 13 years and has been working for Tipu Ora since September 2014 where she successfully led a Ministry of Health funded pilot service focussing on Wāhine hapū, pēpi and vulnerable first time parents. The service, Kia Puawai (Maternal and Child Health Integrated Service) operates in the Western Heights area of Rotorua and is now operating as business as usual. Evalyn brought to this work her extensive clinical experience working with whānau as well as her professional and personal values. Evalyn understands the environment of community and the many factors that drive disparities and inequity amongst more vulnerable populations.

Kaitiaki Lead – Tipu Ora: Tiaki Whānau

I te taha o toku papa, Ko Ngati Tamateatutahi me Ngati Kawiti oku hapu, Ko Ngati Pikiao te iwi, Ko Kahupake te hapu, Ko Ngati Awa te iwi.

I te taha o toku mama, Te Ehuutu te hapu, Te Whanau A Apanui te iwi.

Ko Joyce Gardiner toku ingoa.

Joyce Gardiner is the Kaitiaki Lead of Tipu Ora: Tiaki Whānau. Joyce is an experienced Kaitiaki and qualified Social Worker. She embodies the principles and values of kaitiakitanga. She has extensive experience working with community, whānau and tamariki. She has an intrinsic understanding of kaupapa Māori values. Joyce is the president of the 13 branches of The Women’s Health league across New Zealand.

Key objectives of the Well Child Tamariki Ora (WCTO) Enhanced Support Pilot (ESP):
Increased access to whānau focused support for young parents and their whānau
 Intensive support for parents/whānau in the antenatal period
 Enhanced support for whānau mental wellbeing
 Whānau supported to achieve their own goals and aspirations regarding their parenting
 Improved child health outcomes for the enrolled population participating in the pilot, including:
o Improved health, development and learning outcomes for children who are living in challenging circumstances
o Increased parental and whānau understanding of childhood development and the role of parenting in child development, and increased confidence and skill in their own parenting.

What is WCTO?
The Well Child Tamariki Ora National Schedule includes 12 core visits to protect and improve health outcomes for New Zealand children, from birth to five years old. The Schedule includes; health and development assessments for the child, family and whānau care and support, relevant health education material. It also includes a general practitioner check at six weeks that is linked to babies’ six-week immunisations.

For more information please contact: Raewyn Bourne
Group Manager – Tipu Ora, Manaaki Ora Trust; Phone 0274 335 075