Mid-winter fun on offer at Big Latch on events - (Archived)
Tuesday 25 July 2017 - Mid-winter fun on offer at Big Latch on events

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Mid-winter fun on offer at World Breastfeeding Week Big Latch on events 


Breastfeeding mums across the Lakes DHB area are invited to enjoy great company, morning tea and be in to win awesome spot prizes at Big Latch On events in Rotorua, Taupo and Turangi this year.

Lakes DHB Community Lactation Consultant Amy Wray says everyone is welcome to this fun event at a relaxed baby and toddler-friendly venue to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week and its theme: Sustaining breastfeeding together!

“We're hoping to highlight the importance of families, peer supporters, community groups and health professionals working together to support breastfeeding. It’s a great opportunity to link with other mums, make new friends and get up to date information about services in our area. All welcome,” she says.

There are three Big Latch On events across Lakes DHB this year in Turangi, Taupo and Rotorua.

Turangi Big Latch On
10am, Friday 4 August 2017
Hydro Café, 17 Ohuanga Road, Turangi
Join us at 10am at the warm and cozy Hydro Cafe in Turangi to connect with other mums and celebrate the 2017 Big Latch On. Hot drinks and a light morning tea provided with some awesome spot prizes from local businesses. All welcome!
Contact: Chelsie Robertson - 0210534434 - chelsie.robertson@lakesdhb.govt.nz

Taupo Big Latch On
10am, Friday 4 August 2017
Taupo Parents Centre, AC Baths Ave, Taupo
Lovely array of spot prizes - Morning tea and hot drinks - Toddler-friendly venue
Contact: Contact: Ajah 021 225 6383 - taupo@lalecheleague.org.nz

Rotorua Big Latch On
10am, 4 August 2017
The Harvest Centre, 324 Malfroy Road, Rotorua
Join other mothers and link with service providers in this area. Refreshments and spot prizes. All welcome!
Contact: Amy Wray - 0274058191 - Amy.wray@lakesdhb.govt.nz

Breast milk is the perfect food for your baby because:
• it’s all that your baby needs to eat and drink for about the first six months
• it helps to protect your baby against colds, tummy bugs, infections and allergies. It also helps to protect your baby from dying suddenly in their sleep
• breastfeeding helps your baby to feel safe and secure

What is the Big Latch On?
The Big Latch On involves thousands of women from different cultures and backgrounds gathering together to breastfeed their babies at the same time. Women take part at registered venues throughout Aotearoa New Zealand as well as taking part online through the ‘I latched on’ selfie campaign.
Ultimately, the aim of the Big Latch On is to positively support breastfeeding in public places and to help mums link into existing community support services or to build new support groups where there are none. The Big Latch On supports communities to identify and grow opportunities to provide ongoing breastfeeding support and promotion, and it provides an opportunity for women to make new friends, network and feel more confident about breastfeeding (particularly in public).

What are the aims of the Big Latch On?
• Supporting communities to identify and build opportunities to provide ongoing breastfeeding support and promotion
• Raising awareness of breastfeeding support and knowledge available in communities
• Helping communities positively support breastfeeding in public places
• Making breastfeeding a normal part of the day-to-day life at a local community level
• Women experience increased support from their partners, whānau and the breastfeeding knowledge that is embedded in their communities.
• Supporting communities to have the resources to advocate for appropriate and accessible breastfeeding support services.