Rotorua Hospital Top Choice for First Year Doctors - (Archived)
Wednesday 9 August 2017 - Rotorua Hospital Top Choice for First Year Doctors

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Rotorua Hospital Top Choice for First Year Doctors

Every year, graduates of our medical schools rank their preferences for which hospital they wish to start work at as a qualified doctor (Resident Doctor or RMO). The number of graduating doctors choosing which hospital as “number one” against the number of positions available for employment gives a consistent measure of the popularity of NZ hospitals amongst the newest of our doctors.

Using this method, Rotorua Hospital (Lakes DHB) has taken the top spot as the number one preferred employer in 2017, followed by Taranaki, with Wellington taking out the third spot overall, and also being the most preferred of the tertiary DHBs.

NZRDA is not surprised that the graduating doctors voted Rotorua Hospital as the most popular workplace. “Rotorua Hospital is known to be responsive to RMO needs. As one example, it was the first cab off the rank to implement Safer Rosters following the recent MECA settlement” says Dr Deborah Powell, NZRDA National Secretary.

“There are a number of different factors which influence a doctor’s decision about where to work, including some unrelated to the hospital itself, such as where they want to live,” says Dr Powell. “Nonetheless, factors such as employer compliance with employment terms and conditions, and support – including appropriate training and supervision – are hugely significant to our new graduates.”

Waikato Hospital was the lowest ranked of the tertiary hospitals. “This ranking is again not surprising given the excessive workloads and lack of available cover for doctors on leave reported by the Resident Doctors currently working at Waikato,” says Dr Powell.

Overall rankings were as follows:

Rank order Hospital
1 Rotorua Hospital
2 New Plymouth (Taranaki) Hospital
3 Wellington Hospitals
4 Nelson Hospital
5 Tauranga Hospital
6 Auckland City Hospital
7 Christchurch Hospital
8 Whangarei Hospital
9 Middlemore Hospital
10 Dunedin Hospital
11 Invercargill Hospital
12 Waitemata Hospitals
13 Hastings Hospital
14 Waikato Hospital
15 Palmerston North Hospital
16 Gisborne Hospital
17 Timaru Hospital
18 Wairau Hospital
19 Whanganui Hospital
20 Whakatane Hospital

Resident Doctors
Resident doctors, also known as RMOs (Resident Medical Officers), are registered medical practitioners, and range in experience from first-year qualified doctors to those with more than 12 years’ experience. They primarily work in the public sector, where they are employed by all 20 District Health Boards.
Resident doctors staff New Zealand’s public hospital system, delivering 24/7 care to patients, and also utilise this time to gain specialist qualifications as surgeons, physicians, paediatricians, etc.
Resident doctors are also employed in general practice as GP trainees; however, these doctors are not involved in this dispute as they are not DHB employees.