Acute Response Team

Help for people in mental health crisis

This is not an emergency service therefore in case of imminent risk please contact emergency services on 111.

Te Whatu Ora Lakes'  24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week fully mobile Acute Response Team (ART) responds to mental health and addiction crisis in the Te Whatu Ora Lakes region.

The team is made up of registered health professionals who are Duly Authorised Officers (DAO) and are able to provide advice about the legalities of The Mental Health Act to the public.

The health professionals will arrange for an assessment of the person who is experiencing emotional distress as required in a place of safety which may be a person's home or a place in the community.

If care in an inpatient setting is required they will liaise with the inpatient service to ensure this happens.

Phone: 0800 166 167 - 24 hours, fully mobile service