Telephone or video options for appointments

Some clinics usually run from Rotorua Hospital are now able to offer a telephone or video option for selected appointments.

Telephone appointments

Video appointments 

What is Telehealth?

Patients now have the option to 'see' their clinician (doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional) by video or telephone appointments where appropriate.

Some people choose telehealth appointments over in person appointments to:

  • save time and money by not having to travel to an appointment or take time off work
  • have their care closer to home when they feeling unwell or when getting to hospital is difficult
  • reduce the risk of catching or spreading germs


Some people choose a video appointment over telephone appointment:

  • kanohi ki te kanohi – you can see your clinician and the clinician can see you
  • your whānau (support person) can join the video appointment from wherever they are as long as they have the meeting details, internet access, and a digital device
  • your translator can join the video appointment
  • the clinician can share his or her computer screen which may help with communication and understanding of the information shared during the consultation, including use of pictures and diagrams
  • other clinicians or staff supporting your care can join the video appointment
  • your clinician may use the chat function in the video appointment to type out words


Some people choose a telephone appointment over a video appointment:

  • not interested in the functions of a video appointment and a telephone appointment will suit
  • no access to a digital device, internet, or the confidence to navigate a video appointment.