Celebrating Nurses @Lakes-Celeena Sunil


International Nurses’ Day and Rotorua Hospital nurse Celeena Sunil share a birthday – they both turn 50 this year.

Celeena has been a nurse since 1994, she trained in the Kerala region of India and worked for two years in the hospital attached to the nursing college.

She was attracted to the career prospects nursing could provide, including the opportunity to work overseas.

After a stint in Saudi Arabia, then back home in India, Celeena moved to New Zealand.

Her first job was in Rotorua Hospital’s medical unit.

She’s spent the past six years in the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic working with patients preparing for planned surgery.

“If I could start my career again, I would choose nursing,” she said.

“I’m still happy to be a nurse and I love working with my patients.

“I’d recommend nursing as a career as you can get a job anywhere, there is so much variety. You don’t have to stay in one area and there are lots of opportunities.”