New dental x-ray machine


New diagnostic aid to help diagnose and treat oral health patients

A collaboration between Te Whatu Ora Lakes and Tipu Ora means patients requiring a specialist x-ray can access it quicker.

A panoramic x-ray machine has been bought by the Lakes community oral health service and is based at Tipu Ora to be operated in partnership with them.

Previously patients who have needed panoramic images have had to go to private practice, at Lakes’ expense.

“There are many reasons why someone would need this kind of x-ray, not every patient but a high volume,” said Lakes Community Oral Health Services manager Juan Restrepo.

“It’s good to analyse the absence of teeth, the space between teeth and we use this type of x-ray to visualize the TMJ Temporomandibular Joint, patients who’ve suffered trauma, and for orthodontic treatment.

“Even though we don’t make braces we refer patients out but before that this kind of x-ray is very useful.

“It’s better value to have our own machine.”

The panoramic X-ray provides the dentist with an ear-to-ear two-dimensional view of both the upper maxilla and lower jaw.