New artwork for Taupō Hospital


New artwork donated to Taupō Hospital

Children attending appointments at Taupō Hospital will be forgiven for wanting to stay a little longer in their consultation rooms.

Two rooms in the Taupō Outpatients Clinic are now adorned with scenes from local author Donovan Bixley’s Looky Books.

The wall art, and an AccuVein 500 laser scanner are recent additions thanks to the support of the Taupō Hospital and Health Society, which has supported Taupō Hospital since 1992.

Taupō Hospital Associate Clinical Nurse Manager Cilla McClay said paediatricians and outpatients nurses had chosen their favourites and the images that received the most votes were chosen.

The art work and printing was donated by Mr Bixley and Quality Print respectively.

The society funded the application of the art to the walls, which took around six hours.

“It looks great,” Mr Bixley said.

“I spent a lot of time in Taupō Hospital when I was a boy. I had many accidents, including broken legs, broken arms, ribs, cuts, scratches. I know what it’s like to be here.

“I’m thrilled there’s something fun and less scary, something that makes their experience a calmer one. It’s nice to be able to contribute to that.”

McClay said the murals weren’t just interesting and fun but that they helped clinicians.

“They can also be used as an assessment and distraction tool,” she said.

The society’s mission is to assist in the continuation and development of health care services for all persons within the Taupō district.

Committee members David and Sandra Foss had the first look of the wall art and said it was better than they imagined.

“It’s brilliant,” Mrs Foss said.

“There’s so much to see, even children who will come regularly will find something new.”

The AccuVein 500 laser scanner is used mostly in the chemotherapy and infusions clinic.

“A lot of our patients in this unit have poor vascular access and their veins can be difficult to find because they’ve been used many times,” said McClay.

“This scanner can help us track where they are and supports us getting it right first time. It means it’s going to be more comfortable for the patient and leads to a better patient experience.”

Previous donations to the hospital have included an echocardiogram machine, which is now used five days a week (two for echocardiograms, three days for ultrasound) and chairs for chemotherapy patients. It also contributed $850,000 towards the hospital rebuild.

2 (from left): Shawn Vennell of Quality Print, Donovan Bixley, Sandra Foss, David Foss and Cilla McClay.