Information for Suppliers

Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora recognises that our suppliers play a critical role in supporting Health NZ Te Whatu Ora Lakes.

We would like to engage with you as we are continually looking for ways to be more productive, efficient and effective.

Supply Chain and Procurement are responsible for purchasing and procurement processes for capital expense items, consumables and services.

We are interested in retaining and establishing business with suppliers who provide:

  • Quality - Are committed to providing quality products, customer service, support and responsiveness.
  • Focus - Focused on making it easy to do business and exceeding our expectations
  • Savings - Competitive pricing and continually look for ways to help us reduce costs
  • Innovation - Are willing to work towards process improvement and propose innovative ideas

  • Technology - Provide technical expertise, inform us of new technology and keep us informed of market developments

Click here for the Lakes Terms and Conditions of Trade.