HIV Service

Providing ongoing healthcare support for individuals living with HIV. 

What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

HIV belongs to a group of viruses called Retroviruses which work by invading the genetic material of cells within your body.

Normally, the body’s immune system would fight off such a virus, but HIV stops this from happening by infecting the cells that fight off infection.

The virus can live in the body for years without causing obvious damage, though it will continue replicating over this time.

There’s currently no cure for HIV; once a person is diagnosed with the virus it stays in their system for life. There are, however, many quality medications available to help people who live with HIV.

Strict adherence to antiretroviral regimens (ARVs) can dramatically slow the disease's progress as well as prevent secondary infections and complications.

What we do

Te Whatu Ora Lakes HIV Service provides ongoing healthcare support for individuals living with HIV. 

We are a small specialist service, operating regular outpatient clinics. All engagement with our service is strictly private and confidential.

The aims of our service are to:

  • support patients to manage their condition
  • help patients understand how to best take their medications
  • help reduce admissions to hospital
  • educate about HIV infection


Clinic appointments are held at the Rangiora Clinic. The clinic is currently located in Unit 10, next to the Boardroom (see map below, highlighted in green).