Dental Services

Community oral health services

Te Whatu Ora Lakes community oral health services are for all children and adolescents (aged 0 to your 18th birthday) and it’s free.

Adults who meet special criteria may also qualify. Click here to read the policy.

The focus of the service is on seeing babies and children early to support parents to look after their baby’s and children’s teeth and prevent tooth decay. It’s essential children are enrolled as early as possible.

Healthy teeth play an important role in a child’s development and a healthy mouth and teeth are important for a child’s health and well being for the rest of their life.

Services are delivered at nine modern dental clinics, six in Rotorua, two in Taupo and one in Turangi. There are also six mobile dental units and, one Preventive Treatment unit which travel to different sites throughout the region.

To enroll or for more information ring your closest clinic listed below or 0800 Lakes Teeth (0800 525 378) or text 027 578 0275.