Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic

Preparing for planned surgery

What is the Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic?

This is where patients are assessed prior to planned surgery. 

Pre-operative assessment ensures that the patient is fit for surgery and that they have information they require in regards to surgery and discharge.

What happens at this clinic?

This is what you can expect to happen at your appointment:

  • Discuss and document your health history
  • Take your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen saturations, weight and height
  • May listen to your heart and lungs
  • Explain the process of care in the operating theatre and discuss possible anaesthetic and pain relief options
  • Discuss how you are going to manage when you get home
  • You may require an ECG (tracing of your heart), blood tests, swabs and urine samples

Who will I see?

You will see an administrator, a Clinical Nurse Specialist and maybe an anaesthetist.


Phone: 07 349 7978

Fax: 07 349 7993


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