Older Person & Rehabilitation Service

Information on the Older Person and Rehabilitation Service at Rotorua Hospital

This service provides assessment, treatment and rehabilitation in an inpatient area of 16 beds at Rotorua Hospital.

We function as a multidisciplinary team, with service based physiotherapy, occupational therapy and social workers.

Our aim is to work with rehabilitation patients and their families to provide services which will enhance their quality of life through achieving optimal levels of functional ability and health status.

Our team

Clinical Nurse Manager: John Hildreth ext 8534

Clinical Nurse Educator: Siuw-Beck Goh Robinson ext 8522

Older Person, Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist: Donna Conway ext 8607

Admin Support: Sue Banks ext 8522

Consultant Physician/Geriatrician: Michelle Bloor ext 6004

Social Workers:  Joy Espellarga ext 8160 

                                    Sarah Marr ext 8606     


Clinical Nurse Specialist Stroke: Rachael Hofmann ext 8115