Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Services

Providing care for anyone subjected to sexual assault

Te Whatu Ora Lakes is the ACC provider for care of children, adolescents and adults who have been subject to sexual assault.

The service is available 24/7, with an on call Sexual Assault Assessment and Treatment Service (SAATS) Medical Officer to co-ordinate the required and timely medical response.

Our team

There is a designated SAATS team, including medical staff, who are trained in the assessment and management of sexual assault.

This includes GPs and Paediatricians, assisted by Registered Nurses who have also undertaken formal sexual assault training.

SAATS Service Facilitator: Christine Payne, Clinical Nurse Director, Woman Child and Family Service

Adult/Adolescent lead clinician: Dr Cate Mills General Practitioner

Child lead clinician: Dr Sonja Crone, Paediatrician


Referrals can be made to the on call SAATs Medical Officer via Rotorua Hospital 07 349 7955.

Referrals may be received from individuals, police, health and other agencies on behalf of the person who has been subjected to an assault.

All referrals and consultations are conducted with sensitivity, discretion, privacy and compassion.

What we do

The service offers health examination, including the collection of forensic evidence as needed, in a dedicated SAATS consulting suite adjacent to the Women's Clinic at Rotorua Hospital.

The service involves a formal collaboration between the Lakes District Health Board, Ministry of Social Development (MSD) / Oranga Tamariki and NZ Police and is also supported by Victim Support Service, Sexual Abuse Counselling Services and Atawhai Services based in Rotorua.

For further information about the service please contact the SAATS Service Facilitator via Rotorua Hospital.