Social Work

Helping patients and their whānau

What we do

Health social workers are professionally qualified social workers who assist patients and their whānau/families to manage the emotional and social impacts of illness and/or disability.

They assist the patient and family to develop strategies to manage any changes that have happened as a result of ill health or disability.

Health social workers

  • offer supportive counselling around health issues and the impacts those issues have on both the individual and the whānau/family
  • provide help in all cases of suspected family violence, abuse and neglect
  • support clients and families as they make important health-related decisions
  • assist clients to access the available support services they may need in the community
  • provide advice and support to access agencies such as Work and Income, ACC etc.


Health social workers are based in several locations in the community as well as Rotorua and Taupō Hospitals.