Feedback Informed Treatment

Treatment tailormade for whaiora

What is Feedback Informed Treatment?

FIT is a tool that monitors whaiora’s progress and elicits feedback and active participation to inform and tailor their treatment and person-centred goals.

The approach involves routinely and formally soliciting feedback from whaiora about:

  • The process of therapy
  • The working relationship
  • Therapeutic alliance with the clinician
  • The whaiora’s overall wellbeing

FIT is currently being implemented in the following services:

  • Primary Mental Health Intervention Service (PRIMHIS)
  • Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (iCAMHS)
  • Peri-natal
  • Community Mental Health Acute Team
  • Whare Whakaue Inpatient Unit

There is a plan to eventually roll Feedback Informed Treatment across the whole service.

Whare Whakaue is the first acute unit worldwide to start the implementation of FIT.