Te Ara Tauwhirotanga

Te Ara Tauwhirotanga is the model of care for mental health and addictions in the Te Whatu Ora Lakes district

What is a model of care?

A model of care informs you as the service user and your whānau of what you can expect from mental health and addiction services.

What is Te Ara Tauwhirotanga?

Te Ara Tauwhirotanga is the sector wide model of care for Te Whatu Ora Lakes  Mental Health and Addictions.

It was developed through extensive consultation and co-design with the community including service providers, service users, whānau, and local iwi.

It identifies what the community said was important to them.

Te Ara Tauwhirotanga also provides a framework for services and projects to be designed and developed. It strongly encourages approaches to protecting, promoting and strengthening wellbeing.


Click here to find out the meaning of the symbolism and how Te Ara Tauwhirotanga was developed.

Download the Te Ara Tauwhirotanga poster here.

Keep up to date with how Te Ara Tauwhirotanga is being implemented across the region with the Te Ara Tauwhirotanga newsletters.


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