Ruia Te Hua Oranga: Southern Lakes Adult MHAS

Mental Health and Addictions Services in the Southern Lakes communities

What is Ruia Te Hua Oranga?

This is the Taupō based office of the Mental Health and Addictions Service and covers the Southern Lakes Area including Tūrangi and Mangakino.

The service undertakes initial screening and assessment (telephone or face-to-face) of referrals to ascertain next steps.

The Adult Mental Health and Addictions Service provides a single point of entry point for referrals to adult mental health between 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

 All referrals are triaged via a multi-disciplinary team, which includes psychiatrist, registrar, occupational therapists, social workers, and community mental health nurses.

Referrals can be sent to Mental Health Referrals.

Most often referrals are done by GP or other community partners.

People can self-refer to the Mental Health Triage team at Te Ngako Community MHAS (Pukaki St) in Rotorua or Ruia Te Hua Oranga Community MHAS at Taupō Hospital, Kotare St.


Ruia Te Hua Oranga Community MHAS
Taupō Hospital
Kotare Street


Phone: 07 376 1099
Email: CMH&

Community Mental Health Services